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I believe public education is critical to the health of our democracy and to the economic stability of our nation; it prepares children to live in a global environment as self-reliant, socially responsible adults. As a public institution, the School District of Lee County must provide a fiscally responsible educational program consistent with these expectations and responsive to student needs and abilities.

The educational challenges faced by the School District of Lee County (LCSD) are well documented and the Florida Department of Education continues to exert pressure on public schools to shift to a new plateau of student achievement.

While striving to improve student performance over the past four years, however, the School District was financially constrained and chose to supplement operating funds with reserve funds to balance the budget. Now that the economic picture is improving for the state and our southwest Florida region, the LCSD must continue to look for ways to...

Do More!

Match education goals to the individual needs of all students; develop and retain quality teachers; and assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning programs.

Do Better!

Restructure education resources: allocate teaching, technology, class space and time according to student needs and school education goals; set measurable learning goals for every child and hold educators accountable for learning outcomes.

Do It With Less

Expecting no new federal, state and local resources.

Do It Different(ly)!

Challenge conventional wisdom about what's right and what works.

I don't want to tell educators how do do their job. I want to support them in their efforts.My focus is long term planning, targeted spending, identifying and supporting best education practices. The School Board and Superintendent must adopt a strategic plan and a long term financial plan consistent with its educational vision, then develop its operating budget using educational goals and budget priorities consistent with that strategy.

About Lee County Public Schools

Why Cathleen

The School District of Lee County is maxed out on “doing more with less”. The time has come to “DO DIFFERENT".

About Cathleen

Masters in Education, 18 years on Wall Street, Current chair Lee County School District Finance Advisory Committee


Cathleen Morgan met with The News-Press Editorial Board on June 1, 2012


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